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I can't believe I've been attending your special Sunday class for almost
1-1/2 years. Each class still feels fresh, I find myself completely present. I always feel supported. Though still a long way from Superwoman,

it's been and continues to be a conscious-raising of the body, my body, and,
after all, in this precious moment, we are bodies. You are an inspiration

to me, and I feel blessed to have stumbled into your class. Thank you,
Shari, you make a difference to me. Fran, 


Shari’s classes have become a mainstay in my life so that i can hope to feel safe and healthy in an aging body challenged by osteoporosis. I am grateful for her exhaustive experience, her expertise, her challenging us to be stronger and also compassionate about what is possible in the now. Her teaching has made a difference in how I think about my body and has given me tools and options for growing stronger. I am so very grateful to have found her teaching.  Student in YOGA FOR  HEALTHY BONES 

After more than a dozen years in Shari Ser’s Monday afternoon yoga class, spanning three different locations, it’s dawned on me that this is a habit-forming practice. Why did it take so long to figure out that I was getting hooked, you might ask. Well, Shari’s class is very well organized, wonderfully taught and simultaneously individual and group oriented. No two classes are ever the same, and the process dynamically incorporates our learning and our changing capacity. It’s challenging, but if I miss a session my week feels incomplete.


Your classes have been a lifeline for my mother,
keeping her limber and mobile, and always offering an encouraging community atmosphere as she ages into her late 90s.
They are the highlight of her week!
Rachel for Marion 


Shari’s teaching style is precise yet flexible, challenging yet supportive. I always leave her yoga class with a sense of renewal and accomplishment. Ann

I have been able to observe Shari’s teaching over the past year as an assistant in 2 of her yoga classes, Yoga for Health and Yoga for Healthy Bones. From Shari’s work as a physical therapist, she brings a depth of understanding of human anatomy, body movement, rehabilitation, and chronic pain. Her PT clinical experience of working with numerous patients with various structural issues facilitates Shari’s ability to integrate the individual needs of her yoga students. She checks in with her students before class to assess any old and new concerns so that she can modify yoga poses for them when necessary. Shari encourages students to work to their abilities. Margie

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