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Beginner level yoga classes and Yoga for Osteoporosis,  Loren Fishman MD, Yoga for Seniors.

WHY I TEACH  YOGA  for beginners and Yoga for Osteoporosis:

As a physical therapist health care professional I teach yoga because of its detail toward anatomical alignment and specificity of the asana practice. I believe that we all need to take an active role in our own self healing. There are no quick fixes but in a safe supportive atmosphere where trust is fostered amazing changes and healing can occur!

Yoga is a practice for EVERY BODY. No one is too old or infirm to begin to practice.  My teaching style of Yoga can be adapted to make asana accessible for all who wish to practice.


To experience good health and equanimity of mind it takes an active commitment toward practice. Come and join me on this yogic journey. We are never static, but ever changing in this life.


"When all the sheaths of the body and all the parts of a person coordinate together while performing an asana, you experience the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind and also freedom from afflictions"


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