Question:How do I dress when I come to class?

Answer:I recommend you come comfortably dressed in clothing that you can move in. Please dress modestly but it is important that you can roll your pants up so your knees and ankles are visible to you. Please do not wear scents or perfumes as we are a scent free studio.

Question:Where do you teach, and do I need to bring my own mat or anything?

Answer:I teach at: The Yoga Room Berkeley.It is a fully equipped yoga studio with blankets, blocks, belts. bolsters and chairs. Everything is available to be used during the class.

Question:Can I eat before class?

Answer:Try not to eat at least 2-3 hours before class. 

Question:I have never done any yoga but my family and doctor suggest that I join a yoga class. How do I know what class to choose?

Answer:I teach beginner classes (level 1) which is a good place to start if you are relatively healthy and can get up and down from the floor. If this isn't a possibility at this time I recommend the "Yoga for Healthy aging class" which has an age span of 50-mid 90's

Question: I have a long history of chronic pain and want to come to a yoga class. I want to learn how to manage my pain more successfully than I am doing.

Answer:Chronic pain is a challenging condition and you might not be ready to join a public class. I recommend you contact me to discuss this and perhaps a private session is appropriate before you join a public class.

 Question: I have had my joint (hip/knee/

shoulder joint) replaced and I want to resume my yoga practice. I don't know what is safe or not safe for me to do.

Answer:Whenever there are any surgical proceedures it is prudent to first get  clearance from your medical practitioner that it is alright for you to return to a previous activity. I then recommend you contact me to discuss your specific medical concerns so you can come to the class best suited to you or you can book a private session with me for specific precautions for a safe practice of yoga asana.

Question:Can I schedule a private session with you ?

Answer:Yes, I am available to see students privately by appointment. Please contact me via email. See the contact me page.